Our family and charities we support.

We are Jordan, Jeannette, Jake, Ben, Gabi and Gigi. We each have a few particular charities that tug at our hearts. So it is the desire to help out when we can that unites us more than any one charity. Here are a few non-profits we support.

RAICES – support for children separated from their parents and detained at the U.S. Border. No matter one’s politics, we can all agree putting children in cages is in-American.

National Military Family Association – see “Our Mission”. NMFA supports service members, their spouses, and their children. Operation Purple Family Retreats bring families to beautiful outdoor locations to spend quality time reconnecting after a deployment, separation, or during a time of transition.

Art of Elysium – providing art classes for medically fragile children, teens, adults, seniors, those dealing with social, emotional and mental health issues, and the homeless.

Free 2 Be Me Dance – a wonderful dance program for children and young adults with Down Syndrome. Watch my wife’s 30 minute documentary “Free 2 Be Me” here for free on YouTube.

Forte Animal Rescue – a local pet adoption non-profit.

The Ten Movement – a non-profit offering free spay or neutering for cats in Ohio.

St. Jude Children’s Hospital – they treat and defeat childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

The Veterans Green Village – a Veteran-based, sustainable business incubator for disaster response training and rebuilding efforts. In Detroit under the command of my friend Gordon Soderberg.

Good Samaritan Haiti – Our friend Charlotte Jones, still in high school, and her ad Billy sell banana bread to build this school in the slums of Haiti. Charlotte had the idea and so far they’ve raised over $75,000 and the school is thriving. Way to go Charlotte!

My wife Jeannette and I love being with our kids, and we’re all six really close. We recently got to work together – all six of us – on Jeannette’s film project. So fortunate for that experience!

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