Our mission.

The mission of Oso Delicious Hot Sauce is simple. We believe in families helping other families.

We’re focused on increasing the awareness of issues facing the families that serve in our U.S. Military. When a mom or a dad is deployed, it affects their kids and the parent at home. In a sense, the whole family pays a price for protecting freedom. So we give $1 from every bottle we sell, give away, break or use at home to a great charity, the National Military Family Association. Our hot sauce sales may not raise a ton of money, but every little bit helps.

I specifically like the NMFA’s Operation Purple Family Retreats. The camps bring families to beautiful outdoor locations to spend quality time reconnecting after a deployment, separation, or during a time of transition.

There are so many great charities that help our Veterans and active duty families. Here are some others, both large and small, that I’ve come in contact with over the past few year.

The Veterans Green Village – a Veteran-based sustainable business incubator for disaster response training and rebuilding efforts. In Detroit under the command of my friend Gordon Soderberg.

Operation Gratitude – sending care packages to Troops overseas and our first responders.

For Veterans Sake – providing service dogs to Veterans with PTSD at no charge to the Veteran.

Team Rubicon – an all-volunteer force of Veterans responding to natural disasters since Katrina.

As a civilian family, we feel a responsibility to support our Troops, despite being vehemently opposed to war and many of the reasons the U.S. has gone into other countries. We recognize that our men and women are there serving their mission. Please support them or your favorite charity.